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HiQuanten.Boot is a integrative software running in ECU and refresh ECU application software. By downlod HiQuanten.Flash, it can transfer ECU application data through bus communication interface equipment to Bootloader function part inside ECU. 

HiQuanten.Boot  operating principle


Product Function

•  Flexible ECU application software update function: this product not only support the refresh of ECU application software inside Flash, but also support the refresh of ECU application software inside EEPROM. Besides, HiRain can design high reliability memory refresh strategy for customers.                                                   
•  Strong Stay In Boot function: in terms of improper working of ECU because of the wrong download application program, this product can switch ECU to Bootloader mode by a special order and let customer redownloads the program.  
•  A safe customer access function: this product can provide safe access algorithm and prevent illegal customer download. It also provides memory protection mechanism, preventing Bootloader from being destroyed accidentally.                                                            
•  Reliable data verification and encryption function: this product will offer data verification function to check the correctness of data storage, and at the same to it will provide data encryption function to assure the reliability of the data transfer.


Product Feature

•  Able to support the refresh of ECU of buses such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST, Ethernet and MVB                                             
•  Abble to support UDS, XCP/CCP protocol, accordance to HIS standards
•  Open program structure with high ability in configuration                                                          
•  Open source code, high readability                                           
•  Able to configure with most download tools
•  Able to compatible with many OEC refresh standards                                                     
•  Succinct core, with only 5KB storage in Flash


Product & Service
•  Field integration 
    ♦ “Turnkey” field service
    ♦  fast response, support by local development team
•  Product training 
    ♦  product usage training
    ♦  key technology training
•  Product customization   
    ♦  OEM refresh standard customization
    ♦  Bootloader software customization
•  Offer free product update and after service before expiration


Applied Situation

•  Developing stage: bench experiment                                                
•  Producing stage: end of line check
•  After stage: software update                                                      


Product Composition

•  Bootloader source code                                                  
•  Application samples
•  Customer handbook                                                       
•  Training textbook                                                    


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