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HiQuanten.SIM is a tool working for integration between application control algorithm and basic software in MATLAB/Simulink environment.

 Customers can develop and configure on its graphic interface to avoid mass of coding work by hands, and they can also set up the control system quickly and the system can automatically produce code. The system can also quickly realize fast verification control algorithm and the whole software system.


Product Functions

•  able to set up parameters through friendly customer interface                                                
•  able to effectively transfer Simulink model to C/C++ code
•  able to check effectivity of the configured parameter                                                        
•  able to produce, compile code and download automatically                                           
•  set up software system quickly and realize algorithm verification                                                   


Product Features

•  customers can finish the integration of application control algorithm and basic software in the same platform in MATLAB/Simulink environment                                                
•  Graphic-defined software package with high reusability
•  contains basic software such as hardware driver and communication protocol                                                    
•  produced code is able to support two stages: fast prototype and product developing                                         
•  able to support several IDE integration scheme 
•  increase the efficiency of control system and the performance of product             


Product & Service
•  Field configuration service 
•  training service
    ♦  product usage training
    ♦  key technology training
•  customization service 
    ♦  able to develop customized plan based on requirement
•  after service


Product Composition

•  GUI configuration tool                                            
•  software model library
•  customer handbook                                                  
•  training textbook                                                     


Related product

•  HiQuanten.Geno configuration tool                                           
•  Basic software source code


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